When will the scottish government publish new health strategy

When will the Scottish Government publish its new Health strategies?

With a large number of Health and Sport strategies due to come out in the next year, covering everything from Mental Health to Digital Healthcare to Obesity it can be difficult to keep track. Read on for a helpful table of the expected publication dates.

Among the key publications to watch out for during 2017 will be the Review of Targets and Indicators and the National Workforce Plan, both of which could prove controversial in the Scottish Parliament.

The Review of Targets in particular will likely provide the opposition parties with plenty of press release fodder – particularly if the Government follows through with its expected move away from waiting time targets for the NHS.

Meanwhile the Workforce Plan may hint at large changes to service delivery as the Scottish Government continues to try to push more care out of hospitals and into communities. While all the parties at Holyrood back this idea in principle, Labour in particular have been consistent in their objections against any associated centralisation of services.

To help you keep track of what is on the Scottish Government’s agenda for health below is a table of when each strategy is expected to be published.


Expected Publication Date

Mental Health Strategy

 Near future

Chief Medical Officer’s Annual Report: Realising Realistic Medicine

Spring 2017

National Dementia Strategy

Spring 2017

National Review of Targets and Indicators of Health and Social Care

Spring 2017

National Health and Social Care Workforce Plan

Spring 2017

Active and Independent Living Plan

Spring 2017

Refresh of “Changing Scotland’s Relationship with Alcohol”

Summer 2017

Vision for Nursing 2030

Summer 2017

Child and Adolescent Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Autumn 2017

Digital Health and Social Care Strategy 2017-2022

Autumn 2017

Suicide Prevention Strategy

Autumn 2017

Carers Act regulations

Winter 2017

Oral Health Plan

Winter 2017

Diet and Obesity Plan

Winter 2017

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