The best April Fools in Scottish politics 2016

Grayling Scotland picks out 5 of the best from this year’s April Fools’ jokes in Scottish politics.

5. The Independent ran a story claiming that Scotland and Wales were in preliminary talks to form a new country in the event of a Brexit vote. The article also includes fake minutes from a Cabinet Office meeting with large sections redacted. The prize goes to Leanne Wood, though, for responding to the story by suggesting to Nicola Sturgeon that the new country could be called Cymru-Caledonia.

4. Former SNP Minister for Local Government and Communities Marco Biagi who is standing down at this election announced that he would be standing for the London Mayoral elections. Although very obvious  we liked his mocked up poster with the SNP’s current “Stronger for Scotland” slogan adapted to “Stronger for Southwark.”

3. The Scotsman’s April Fools story claimed that made-up Glenbogle MSP Colin Argentous had called for “all babies in Scotland to be fitted with a microchip at birth to ensure parents can keep tabs on their children at all times.” According the fictious MSP his proposals would bring “the protection levels granted to children in line with those provided for animals.”

2. Hardcore Nationalist group The Scottish Resistance made Better Together donor and unionist, JK Rowling, the target of their April Fool’s joke when a member of their Facebook group shared a photoshopped image of the author wearing a Scottish Resistance t-shirt.


1. JK Rowling, though, turned the joke around with the best April Fools prank of the year. The Harry Potter author responded to the post by saying it “had made her day” and subsequently posted a real photo of herself wearing a similar t-shirt.


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