This Week in Scotland: Goodbye Glasgow. Hello Edinburgh


Ruth Davidson

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson MSP has announced that she is to seek election in Edinburgh at next year’s Scottish Parliament elections. The move will see Davidson switch her political base from Glasgow – where she was elected as a regional MSP in 2011 – to the capital where she will hope to contest the Edinburgh Central seat and obtain a place on the Lothians list.

Recognising the shift in the political tectonics, the party’s strategists believe that the switch combined with Davidson’s increased profile will help the Tories increase their representation from the current two MSPs too at least three come May. However, the party have been accused of “giving up” on Glasgow – a region the party traditionally only returns one list MSP and voted ‘Yes’ at last year’s referendum.

Having written to party members in Glasgow informing them of her decision, Davidson will now go through the usual candidate selection processes.

The Lords to Glasgow?

Following a call from the SNP to new UK Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron MP and the four UK Labour leadership candidates, Scottish Labour leadership candidate Kezia Dugdale MSP has called on the House of Lords to be replaced by a “democratic and balanced revising chamber” based in Glasgow. Branding the current House of Lords as a “democratic outrage”, Dugdale stated that shifting location would demonstrate that power is moving away from the centre.

Higher Maths

Acting Scottish Labour Leader and Shadow Education Secretary Iain Gray MSP has called for a full review of the problems with this year’s Higher maths exam after it emerged that the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) had lowered the pass mark amid concerns that the exam was too difficult. The SQA reduced the pass mark to 34% to get a C (down from 45% last year) and 60% for an A grade.

Education Secretary Angela Constance MSP congratulated pupils before stating that the SQA had made the adjustments to ensure that students received the “results they deserve” following an “unusually hard” exam.

Corbyn would do a deal

UK Labour leadership hopeful Jeremy Corbyn has signalled that he would be willing to make a pact with the SNP in order to become Prime Minister at the next General Election. Corbyn’s stance would be a reversal of the position adopted by former leader Ed Miliband who refused to do a deal with the SNP in the event that Labour was the largest party but without a majority at Westminster. In an interview with the Scotland on Sunday newspaper, Corbyn also stated that he would agree to an SNP proposal to stop nominating new peers for the House of Lords to undermine the legitimacy of the Upper Chamber.

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