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Scottish Parliament Year in Review – and What’s in Store for 2017?

It has been quite a year in politics. May’s Scottish Parliament elections already feel like they are from another, calmer era. Since then we’ve had Brexit, a new PM and Trump. What then can we say about the past year in Scottish politics and what does it mean for the year ahead? By Ross Laird, Director, Grayling Scotland Public Affairs. Continue reading “Scottish Parliament Year in Review – and What’s in Store for 2017?”

SNP remains silent on fracking

Yesterday, Paul Wheelhouse, Minister for Business, Energy and Innovation gave Holyrood an update on Unconventional Oil and Gas (fracking). The statement failed to provide anything new, simply underlining the SNP’s desire to delay taking a position on the issue as long possible.

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When will a second Scottish Independence referendum take place

IndyRef2: If not now, when?

The UK Government’s latest announcements have cast doubt over the timeline for a second Scottish Independence Referendum, just days after Nicola Sturgeon confirmed she would be seeking to hold IndyRef2 between autumn 2018 and spring 2019. So when can we expect a second referendum? writes Ross Laird, Director of Public Affairs at Grayling Scotland. Continue reading “IndyRef2: If not now, when?”
indyref2 announcement

IndyRef 2 update

Today Nicola Sturgeon gave Theresa May a final ultimatum, ahead of  the triggering of Article 50 and set out the three steps that the Scottish Government will take to give Scotland a choice between a hard Brexit and an alternative – an independent Scotland.

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Kezia Dugdale at Scottish Labour Conference

Scottish Labour Faces a Change in Fortunes at Local Elections

Unless there is a drastic change in the polls, the writing is on the wall for Scottish Labour at May’s council elections, writes Ross Laird, Director of Public Affairs. Continue reading “Scottish Labour Faces a Change in Fortunes at Local Elections”