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What next for the SNP?

Nicola Sturgeon is not renowned for long breaks and taking her eye off the political ball. She’ll be acutely aware that, despite results the opposition parties could only dream of, the Party has taken a bit of a knock in the recent General Election – she’s lost some of her most trusted advisers and mentors and some MSPs will be feeling wary of their futures. How then can the SNP Leader and First Minister get the Party back in fighting form? Continue reading “What next for the SNP?”
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GE2017: It could have been much worse for the SNP

The SNP won’t be wanting another General Election any time soon. Sturgeon’s speech the day after polling day reflected the reality that the SNP had lost not just some big guns from Westminster, but a good deal of other MPs. It was time to think and reflect, she said. In a relatively tight-knit party, such losses feel like personal blows, but the election result could … Continue reading GE2017: It could have been much worse for the SNP

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What does the General Election mean for Scotland?

The consequences of last week’s General Election are now only becoming clear; the results in Scotland were significant and without the tremendous success of the Scottish Conservatives, Jeremy Corbyn would be in Downing Street. Ruth Davidson will seek to leverage this power in a number of ways: – She will push for a softer Brexit; she is a Remainer, as were many Scottish Tories, and … Continue reading What does the General Election mean for Scotland?

Doing a deal

Shaking hands on a deal is looking increasingly hard for the newly elected councillors in Scotland. One week after the local election and still only a handful of Councils have announced a coalition.

Continue reading “Doing a deal”

Own goal in election media management battle

The media has long been lauded as the fourth estate – helping keep those yielding responsibility in check, acting on behalf of the public in a watchdog role. In times of political intensity – such as elections and referendums – this role becomes ever more important.

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