Brexit: Gordon Brown speaks out in favour of Norwegian model

In his first public appearance post-Brexit, Gordon Brown was the keynote speaker for an IPPR event entitled “The Future of Britain in Europe” in Edinburgh on Tuesday. Continue reading “Brexit: Gordon Brown speaks out in favour of Norwegian model”

Grayling Guide

Grayling’s Guide to Holyrood’s Committees

Grayling has produced a comprehensive guide looking at the membership of each Scottish Parliament committee and their future areas of focus. Sign-up to our Scottish Politics newsletter to receive it. If you are interested in learning how your organisation can engage with the Scottish Parliament Committees consider attending our upcoming training session. The Committee system at Holyrood is changing and not before time. What was … Continue reading Grayling’s Guide to Holyrood’s Committees

St Andrews House

SNP Programme for Government (Lite) – The Bills at Stake

The new SNP Government has announced that it will prioritise the economy and closing the education attainment gap. We can expect a strong focus on these issues when the First Minister gets up to give a statement on the Government’s priorities tomorrow (Wednesday 24 June). Grayling has been reviewing the SNP’s manifesto and stripped out their legislative plans – the Bills that the party is likely to introduce.
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Scottish Parliament 2

Minority Government ‎will serve the SNP well again

Call me cynical, but much like the Prime Minister in coalition with the Lib Dems, Nicola Sturgeon’s new Scottish Government now has a useful ‘out’. Whilst the SNP will be disappointed that they fell short of majority, confidence and supply in minority government provides ample political opportunity which can enable the SNP’s style of politics. Continue reading “Minority Government ‎will serve the SNP well again”

New MSPs in 2016

Holyrood SP5 – the dust begins to settle

MSPs were sworn into the Scottish Parliament this week and the Presiding Officer elected. Ken Macintosh will oversee a much changed parliament from the last session for the next five years. The SNP convincingly won last week’s election, both in terms of seats and in terms of proportional share of votes. However, the electoral system prevented a majority SNP result, returning more of the ‘rainbow’ parliament that it was designed to be. Back to the good old days of Scottish politics.

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